Forest Therapy
of the Americas

Wellness Programs

Health & Fitness
Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise. If you want to begin a program that combines fitness and the outdoors, our forest therapy walking trail lets you do both! Imagine a soft bed of fine sawdust under your bare feet as you walk along a forest trail listening to bird songs and the wind rustling in the trees. Next, incorporate several stops along the way for yoga, qi gong or exercise routines while breathing in the pure forest air. Whether walking in the early morning sunlight or the cool starry evening, our forest therapy trails provide a natural healing energy bath.

Meditation with Nature

Forests can enhance meditation by inducing in us a naturally quiet and reverent state of mind. There are many places along our trails to sit and relax while basking in the healing energies of plants & trees. In addition, viewing the many animal sculptures placed at various points along the trail helps you to connect with their spirit and energy. Sit inside our pyramid structures to harmonize with the environment or charge crystals or semi-precious stones.
Vision Quests
The term “vision” is used to describe an actual living experience as opposed to just a thought. Vision quests allow you to receive deeper insight into what is holding you back or move you to the next level of your life. Whether you choose to journey on the nature trail in solitude or walk in our labyrinth with a group, vision questing in the forest can transform your consciousness in a liberating, life-changing way.

Holistic Healing
Other forest therapy activities that study or utilize natural materials or substances include: wild edible plant identification, creating herbal teas, organic gardening, planting trees, barefoot walking or running, relaxing warm water foot baths, wood or clay art, aromatherapy, natural foods cooking, candlemaking, herbal medicine & massage.

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